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Dedicated Internet Access

For as little as $75/mo., your business can eliminate dial-in connection problems and 'overtime' usage bills with a dedicated Internet connection. For analog connections, there is no special equipment required, and you can be on the Internet in no time at all. With higher-speed digital service starting at $99/mo., you get even better performance while still maintaining a low $/speed ratio.

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Virtual Web Hosting

We not only offer Microsoft® FrontPage® Server Extensions, but we are able to host sites SECURELY via the HTTPS protocol to over 98% of the browser market. More and more businesses are appearing on the Internet every day. With the virtually unlimited marketing opportunities available, it's no wonder. See what we can do to help your business get on the Internet today!

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Corporate Email Hosting

With the growing need to stay in touch with others, most businesses are taking the first step by setting up employees with their own internet email accounts. By locating those accounts off-site, your company will save system maintenance costs and employees will be able to check their email from any Internet connection in the world. We can also help you setup your own Internet email server in your office should you want to take on that responsibility yourself.

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