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We employ
only the finest...

We employ
only the finest...

We employ
only the finest...

There aren't too many things more important in a business than a properly functioning, efficient network. To plan for growth well into the future in the face of an ever-changing technology requires years of training, expertise, and good old-fashioned common sense. Our technicians deal with with so many different issues on such a regular basis, that we're bound to have 'seen it before' and know where to go to find the answers. If the tech on-site doesn't have the answer immediately, there is sure to be someone with the answer on the other end of the phone. This is expected, and since no one knows everything it becomes sort of an 'art' of troubleshooting, rather than a science.

Once any problems are worked out, it's time for some proactive steps toward building an infrastructure that will grow with your business's needs well into the future. Our certified techs will help guide you down the right path for your network's future.

Benefits of Consulting Services...

  • Eliminates cost and training of in-house staff
  • No payroll liabilities or staff turnover headaches
  • Assigned 'personal tech' for your network, to maintain network consistency
  • Expertly trained technicians on-call when needed
  • Long-range planning and implementation schedules
  • Remote administration done where possible thereby saving travel charges
  • 24x7x365 emergency availability, as required

Network Services We Offer...

  • Server installation, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • ISP/Internet connectivity to us or anyone else
  • General network and hardware troubleshooting
  • PC, Mac, Linux, Microsoft, Novell, and mixed environments
  • Multi-site/WAN integration with VPNs (PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, etc)
  • Datacenter design, hardware sales, and installation
  • Full suite of cabling options: 10/100/1000, fiber, and telephone
  • Anti-Virus network design to minimize administration hassles
  • Network-wide backups including disaster recovery options
  • Identify email needs, whether POP3, WebMail, or on your own LAN
  • Firewalls and security hardware/software solutions
  • Consultation for web hosting requirements and design efforts
  • ...Just to name a few...this list changes daily!

Contact us, and our certified technicians will setup a site visit to help with your on-site networking concerns. From 2-10 person offices to 1000+, our expertise in the industry will get it setup right the first time and keep it running well into the future. We can provide most anything from the ground up. Not many ISPs can claim to do this. It's actually what we do best. Our ISP customer base grew out of our network service division, not the other way around like the very few other ISPs that even offer on-site services. Although we've been in the ISP business for many years, our networking expertise goes back much further!

Mention you saw our site, and we'll give you the first 1-hour visit, including travel in the greater Seattle area, for free. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if you've got a current network service provider, it doesn't hurt to get another set of eyes on it to make sure nothing has been overlooked. A certified technician awaits you--no salesperson will call unless you request it.