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From 1992 through 1998, we did business as a network consulting firm under a different name. As an ISP, Dedicated Net Services Corp was founded in January, 1998. This was way before the 'Dot Gone' craze of 1999 and 2000. We never seeked outside financing, have not been controlled by venture capitalists, nor have we undergone any real significant changes over the years that would harm our existing customer base. Our ISP services grew out of a need to be able to refer our existing network consulting clients to a reliable ISP in the local Seattle area. Our clients required it, and it became very apparent that we could not rely on others to do what we knew we could just do ourselves. Initially, of course, the venture was not a profitable one. We merely did it as a service to our existing customer base. It was a servicability issue, and the decision to start offering ISP services had very little to do with just trying to turn a profit.

To date, Dedicated Net has become a profitable entity due to careful resource management and a dedication to very defined priciples in business. We strive to provide highly customizable services at rates that are affordable to even the smallest local company or independant web designer. We are not out to control dial-up market share and/or alienate massive numbers of customers by being impersonal like the major providers in the industry.

We constantly monitor our backbone connectivity and make proactive changes to upstream capacity to meet the demands of our clients. We provide full firewalling and logging to those that need it, and can make even the largest client happy with the highest level of performance they require. From an independant web designer that is just trying to host a few sites to Fortune 500 companies that require high levels of redundancy, throughput, colocation services, and 24-hour support, we're there when you need us.

Everything we do is subject to some sort of customization, as there is no 'set way' of doing anything these days. We answer the phone when you call, respond quickly to your needs, and provide other regular managed services and maintenance tasks for those that need it in our datacenter. Our support also does not stop in the datacenter since we have certified techs available for customer site visits should the need arise for you to call in the professionals. Even if you don't use our own Internet access for the actual connectivity, we can still help you with network configuration, hardware/software sales, networking equipment, cabling, web hosting, email solutions, or just about any other end-to-end solution that you might require.

We're here to help, and only a phone call or email away. With over 15 years of consulting services behind us, and over 10 years of ISP connectivity, we're well established in the industry and more than qualified to get the job done right the first time.

For those that are interested, we offer our first on-site visit with a certified tech at no charge to potential new clients. You really have nothing to lose by giving us a chance to prove our worth on your own turf. Give us a call or email us to set up your no-obligation consultation visit. You have everything to gain by it, and absolutely nothing to lose.