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While we do offer standard intermittent dial-up accounts to existing clients, we specialize in 24-hour dedicated connections. There are numerous advantages of maintaining a dedicated Internet connection. Here are just a few...


  • No busy signals, 1:1 modem/connection ratio
  • High-performance 28.8 Kbps modem to 1.544 Mbps T1 frame relay,
  • Immediate email delivery to/from your POP3 server
  • Immediate connection from LAN through Proxy for network-wide browsing
  • Internet to LAN, FTP and client-side email access
  • Possible VPN, RRAS, and ICS for RAS using Windows NT/2000 Server

The list grows as things change in the industry, but we're always there to help with the details of getting things configured. If required, we can also provide on-site network consulting and integration services performed by certified techs.

Connection Methods

  • Analog Modem
    Pros: Fast, easy, and inexpensive to connect over standard lines
    Cons: Limited to less than 56K for x2 / V.90

  • ISDN
    Pros: Fairly low initial investment and recurring charges, performance similar to entry-level frame relay
    Cons: Unavailable in some areas, not upgradeable beyond 128K maximum bandwidth

  • DSL
    Pros: Very low initial investment and recurring charges, performance similar to mid-level frame relay
    Cons: Unavailable in some areas, prone to outages in certain areas and from certain local loop providers

  • Frame Relay
    Pros: Upgradeable from 56K to as high as 1.544 Mbps, high reliability
    Cons: Higher initial investment for hardware supporting speeds above 56 - 64K, higher recurring costs than DSL or ISDN

  • Point-to-Point
    Pros: Upgradeable like frame relay, dedicated connection (no shared bandwidth, no frame cloud), high reliability
    Cons: Highest initial investment, dedicated equipment can't be used for other connections


The following table shows the current setup fees and monthly rates for dedicated connections. Please note that your local telephone company, whether Qwest, Verizon, or other providers, will have various other setup fees depending on the type of service you install, your proximity to the local switching office, and other factors. For some, DSL is very attractive due to its low initial investment, setup, and recurring charges. If DSL is unavailable in your area, ISDN can be a decent substitute. If you foresee exceeding the maximum bandwidth of DSL or ISDN within the first 6 months of operation, however, you may want to start with frame relay equipment which can grow beyond that limitation up to full T1 speeds of 1.544 Mbps.

Type of Device / Speed
Analog / 14.4 - 33.6 Kbps
Analog / 56K (x2 / V.90)
DSL / 640K Dn / 256K Up
DSL / Other Speeds
ISDN / 64K (1B)
ISDN / 128K (2B)
Frame Relay / 56 - 64K
Frame Relay / 128K
Frame Relay / 256K
Frame Relay / 512K
Frame Relay / 640K
Frame Relay / 768K
Frame Relay / 1024K
Frame Relay / 1.544M (T1)
Point to Point / 56K to T1

If you have any questions regarding setup, configuration, product sourcing, or pricing, feel free to EMail or call us and we'll get your questions answered so you can get on the Internet right away.

Also note that with contract lengths 1 year and greater, the installation fees can be waived or reduced, depending on the type of service installed.

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